Information About Your Router Configuration

Setting up a wireless network can be confusing and aggravating for many. Many simply throw in the towel and eventually end up spending money on someone else to do it for them, of course, you can get router configuration knowledge from

Check your network settings: For your PC or laptop to access the wireless network, it must be able to connect to an IP address from your wireless connection. If it can not enter the address, you will not log on. First, make sure your Internet connection is in place using this command prompt under Windows (Windows + R key and then type CMD enter). Then type ping enter. This is the address of your wireless connection if you have a Linksys connection. Once you ping your address, you should wait for a response from your computer. If you receive an error stating that the request has exceeded the inaccessible timeout or destination, it means there is a problem with the communication link.

To remember the code, always prefer the correct password which is a more complex code so that others find it difficult to access. Keep a printed copy of this complicated code safely so you can restore it as and when necessary.

What about This is essentially the IP address used on all routers and NAT devices in general. You can access your router’s control panel by opening the Internet browser of your choice and entering on the address bar at the top of the page. Only you can access this single control panel number. However, it is also possible to search the IP address of a given computer via the Internet and other search engines, which is done to detect from which part of the world a computer accesses a website.

Unfortunately, a more sophisticated hacker can bypass the need to rely on DHCP. If they have done their homework (you can be sure of this), they probably understood the range of IP addresses in use on your network, found an unused address in this range and configured their PC with a static address .

The IP address is the default for the Linksys brand home for broadband routers. The manufacturer at the factory sets this IP address, but you can change it at any time by using the router’s network management console.

The options are as follows and ALL require that you access the administration software of your router! for example. in your browser, type your user administrator and password. If you are not familiar with this then you need to consult your router’s manual (pdf online or hard copy).

Look for the DNS letters next to a field that allows two or three sets of numbers, each divided into four groups of one to three numbers. It might look like this: and or something similar. Be sure to avoid looking in the wrong area of ​​your configuration settings as well as hurry without checking this position.

Understanding how IP addresses and work routers can be quite complex at first, but learning more about it will give you an idea of ​​how simple it is actually. But if you get to fully understand what is and its role in setting up your home wireless network, then it would be much easier to explore more of its uses.